Ride Rules

The purpose of riding in an organized group instead of an undisciplined pack is to provide the additional safety that an organized group generates. When a group rides in an orderly fashion, riders don’t get in each other’s way, and the organization of the formation itself discourages cars and other vehicles from attempting to cut into the group possibly causing a hazardous situation. When a large number of members are riding we will break into smaller groups.

1. Prior to and during the Chapter ride NO Alcohol will be consumed!! This is a Rule of STAR Intl. and a good one at that. Once the ride is complete you are all adults choose wisely.

2. All motorcycles will be kept in a safe working condition. Any motorcycle not in safe working order will not be permitted to participate in Chapter rides. 

3. All motorcycles will be fueled (topped off) upon arriving at the starting location or just prior to arriving at the start location.  Stop distances are determined from the starting location, don't be the guy/gal that runs out of gas.

4.  Before each ride the Ride Leader will go over Hand Signals, Safety, and Route and all traffic laws will be followed.

5. When a large number of members are riding we will break into groups of 6 motorcycles. The second and subsequent groups will leave together, but try to leave the equivalent of two semi truck lengths between the groups.

6. Each group will be led by a Ride Captain. The Ride Captain will occupy the front left position in the group.  Comply with instructions by either the Ride Captain or the Tailgunner. 

         If you are new to riding in a group let the RC or the TG know so they can place you at the head of the formation.  This is the easiest and slowest part of the formation  The back of the pack normally has to ride faster due to the yo yo effect. 

        Any rider who elects to drop out of a ride, i.e. they do not desire to go on, time constraints, prior commitments, will notify the Tail Gunner  or Ride Captain before doing so.

7. Each group will have a Tail Gunner. The Tail Gunner will be the last motorcycle in each group. If any rider in the group has to pull out only the Tail Gunner will pull over to assist them.

8.  We ride in a staggered formation.  Leave a 2 sec interval with the rider directly ahead of you and a 1 sec on your staggered rider ahead of you.

9.   Lane changes are accomplished by the leader indicating a need for a lane change.  Everyone else at this time should also turn on their signals but do not move yet.  The Tailgunner will now take control of the lane we are moving to then the RC will take the new lane.  At this point all riders will follow as well.

10.  Passing.. The procedure for passing is as follows:


On a 2 lane highway.  When there is a need to pass a vehicle on a two lane road the Ride Captain will first bring everyone to Single file.  Then when it is safe to Pass the Ride Captain will pass. All members are now responsible for their own safe pass. In order. DO NOT PASS THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU. DO NOT PULL OUT TO PASS UNTIL THE RIDER IN FRONT OF YOU HAS MOVED OVER! Once the vehicle is passed go back to stagger formation. Make sure you are riding fast enough to insure the rest of the  group can safely move back into the proper lane but not so fast that you leave everyone behind. Once you verify that all have successfully passed the vehicle resume your normal riding speed.

On 4 lane roads and freeways--The Ride Captain will initiate the lane change by signaling for the change. All riders will turn on the appropriate turn signal while remaining in their lane. The Tailgunner will secure the lane when it is safe to do so. The Ride captain will then initiate the lane change once the tailgunner has secured the lane.. Only after the ride captain has initiated the change will the rest of the riders follow.. In the case of changing from a left most lane to the right lane the person in the staggered position just behind and to the right of the ride captain (his or her wingman) will watch for the Tailgunner and initiate the change to the right lane. When passing and eighteen-wheeler, i.e. tractor/trailer, be aware of the possible retread tires on the trailer.



The final responsibility for YOUR safety is YOU!!  NEVER RIDE BEYOND YOUR CAPABILITIES!!  


Don't let the group force you into something you are not comfortable doing.   The Best ride is the one we all return from safely.  Pay Attention at all times, it is very easy to be lulled into a state where you are not paying close attention to what is going on around you.