I fly a STARSHIP Across the Universe divide
And when I reach the other side
I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
Perhaps I may become a Highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain And I'll be back again, and again,

and again, and again, and again!


The Official Riding Organization of Star Motorcycles

STAR is an international Family motorcycle riding organization founded in 1996. STAR is not a motorcycle club, STAR is a association of like minded people. 

We wear leather and ride motorcycles, but there is something unique about STAR.  


The organization’s basis is the fantastic members that make up and contribute to the STAR family.  The People, the Family structure and the Values that STAR represents are the “Soul of STAR”.


We are an organization that accepts people from all walks of life, who enjoy motorcycles.  We strive to promote a positive environment of fun, safe riding and camaraderie within the motorcycle community.  

Our first priority is our members.  STAR being a member driven organization, takes care of its own; the Star Family Foundation “Members helping Members”. Everyday members lives are enriched as they ride with other STAR members, building lifelong friendships and giving back  through charitable events.  


Join STAR and be a part of this awesome group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Yamaha STAR Venture 


Yamaha STAR Eluder

A message from David Heise Chapter President of Chapter 133

Flagstaff Chapter 133 was founded on July 8, 2000. and is a non-political, non-confrontational association. Its main focus is on family, fun, camaraderie and RIDING. While Star is the Official Riding Organization for Yamaha STAR Brand of Motorcycles All brands of motorcycles are welcome.  

STAR recognizes safety as a first priority”. The STAR community is a mix of riders with varied riding experiences. Chapter rides follow the highway laws and limits, to keep everyone as safe as possible. This allows everyone to enjoy the ride and not have new riders feel overly stressed.


STAR chapter rides do not include "tavern runs", and consumption of alcoholic beverages on chapter rides is prohibited. We want to see you back safely for the next ride.


If you are looking for a family motorcycle association, with a lot of pride, spirit and camaraderie without the "attitude" you have found the right organization. Come ride with us and feel the spirit!!!!!